Leadership is the single most important factor in any organisation’s performance. At Livingston James, we specialise in identifying and attracting the kind of high-calibre professional that can deliver the results you are looking for.

Whether you are appointing a CEO or any other key board-level position, we will do more than seek out individuals. With personal experience of working at this level, we can offer insight and advice on structuring your leadership team, on filling the gaps effectively and on how to attract talent efficiently. Once we’ve developed our strategy, we’ll implement it, combining an astute commercial focus with a rigorous evaluation process.

Our core team brings extensive experience of identifying, engaging and appointing CEO and Executive Directors across a broad range of industries and geographies, while our advisory panel adds another layer of expertise – offering insight, knowledge and extensive networks that span multiple sectors, giving us access to talent that is often unavailable to standard search practices.

We are acutely aware of the impact that the right leader can make. That is why we are so passionate about what we do – and why we aim to be the very best.

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More than ever, the role of the board is under close scrutiny. The value of effective non-executives has been cast into sharp relief – making it imperative that when you appoint an individual to the board, you’re adding experience, expertise and professional excellence to your organisation.

Report after government report – not to mention the current legislation – has defined the dimensions of the non-exec role. There is little doubt that an objective and experienced pair of eyes can add tremendous value to businesses of all shapes and sizes. However, it is crucial that the role is well-defined and the candidate well-sourced if the relationship is to be fruitful.
At Livingston James, our own expertise lies not only in assessing the individual but also in assessing the position, ensuring that all parties understand the requirements, demands and goals of the role before attempting to identify candidates.

In this key arena, we’re here to help clients determine what they need – whether a classic Non-Executive Director, a Business Adviser, Interim Exec or Business Coach & Confidant. Our team will work hard to answer that need, ensuring that your board has the people it needs to lead your organisation to success.

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The recent financial turmoil has changed the role of CFOs and Finance Leaders. Now, the industry faces the challenges of an economy in recovery and a regulatory environment that’s increasingly complex.  As such, there is a mounting emphasis on stronger accounting practices within risk frameworks, managing cash flow effectively and leveraging tax-planning to capitalise on ongoing opportunities.

It is this emphasis that has led to a growing demand for the kind of specialist finance expertise that will support the CFO/FD agenda. At Livingston James, we deliver the specialist search and selection service to match – with an in-depth understanding that covers the roles of Group Financial Director/Controller and Heads of Tax, Treasury, Risk and Audit.

Together with our Director and Head of Function-level search service, we also provide specialist support in sourcing our clients’ future finance leaders. From hard-to-source roles to key strategic members of middle management, Livingston James is on hand to find the appropriate solution for any critically important role.

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