Interim managers are high performing, talented executives that have an immediate impact, inject expertise and guarantee lasting results.

With a track record of success in senior management roles, they have the ability to step into an executive seat, impart knowledge and instil leadership. They can ensure programme effectiveness, develop & implement strategy and increase productivity.

Livingston James works with a community of exceptionally talented interim executives that can partner with our clients, offering relief to short-term skills gaps or longer-term strategic initiatives, providing an instant solution to a wide range of pressing business challenges.

Interim managers can be deployed in a multitude of situations to effect change, satisfy a critical skills gap or drive business forward through a significant project. Livingston James can select the right individual from a talented community of pre-qualified interim executives that align with our core values and have been evaluated and assessed to match our client’s key selection criteria, organisational goals and strategic objectives.

  • Independent & Impartial – interims have no pre-conceived ideas or established relationships driving their decisions or advice
  • Risk Management – interim executives provide our clients with the time and space to make the right permanent hiring decision following an executive’s resignation
  • Specialist Skill-set – interims can bring a missing talent/ capability for a select period, eliminating the need to invest in a perm hire
  • Experience – our clients have the opportunity to leverage an executive’s experience, toolkits and networks
  • Quick & Efficient – interims can make an immediate impact whilst offering long-term value and ROI
  • Cost-effective – interims are not a fixed resource, they have no overheads and we can offer a variety of cost structures tailored to our client’s needs and budget
  • Project Management – interims are adept with managing the project lifecycle from concept stage to delivery
  • Stakeholder Engagement – interims can operate at all levels of seniority, proficient in board interactions
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