Consultant Spotlight – Mark Lewis

Mark Lewis, Managing Director of Rutherford Cross and Board Director of Livingston James Group

Mark Lewis joined Livingston James Group as a start up in 2010, initially working for the executive search brand Livingston James, then moving on to set up the senior finance recruitment brand, Rutherford Cross as Managing Director in 2013, before joining the board of Livingston James Group in early 2020.

“Since I started out in recruitment over 20 years ago, the landscape has changed considerably, with the ‘database’ approach to sourcing talent well and truly over.  At Livingston James Group, we focus on where the recruitment industry still plays a key role in our communities. Our role is more one of a source of collective knowledge, facilitator of relationships, and creator of networks that people decide to take an active part in, rather than simply as an entry on a database that they probably didn’t ask to be on in the first place.

“Personally, I have only ever considered the actual recruiting element of my role as a relatively small part of what I do. I spend much more time advising people and organisations on facets such as career development, succession planning, and organisational design than in facilitating introductions. There are people I have advised on every career move they have made, but without being the one to find them any of those roles. More often than not, there is little ground-breaking in that advice but investing your time from a place of someone’s best interests at heart can go a long way to help people make the right decisions. And, more often than not, that circle of goodwill will come back you directly or indirectly at some point in the future.

“To work in recruitment and enjoy it for as long as I have, and I’ve had very few bad days in my career so far, you have to be fascinated by people and what drives their behaviour. It may seem a truism, but the fundamental reasons why people work, how they work, and who they want to work for have changed significantly and will undoubtedly change again, and more quickly, in years to come.

“It is this element of supporting people, and organisations, to realise their potential that is truly at the heart of everything that we do.  This applies to our own people too.  At LJG we work hard to create a culture that enables people to achieve their own career aspirations while helping other people achieve theirs and having some fun along the way.  Personally, I’m grateful for the opportunities I have been given in my 11 years with the company and giving others a similar chance is all part of what makes being a part of LJG stand out for me.

“What I am most excited about is that the greatest changes to the world of work are still to come and understanding our role in supporting people in the future still remains undefined in so many ways. The future blueprint has yet to be written and I look forward to playing a part in the growth of Livingston James Group and our industry for many years to come.”

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