Livingston James Group Partners with EY UK to Investigate the Future CEO

Last year EY UK and Livingston James forged a collaborative partnership to embark on a research initiative into the ‘Future CEO’.

This undertaking entailed a comprehensive exploration into the forthcoming CEO landscape, with a survey encompassing C-suite leaders spanning diverse sectors and functions across the UK. The intent was to unearth the key attributes and traits that are likely to define the CEO of tomorrow.

In November, Alistair Shaw and David Borthwick were delighted to host an Executive Roundtable discussing initial findings and to gain further insights and commentary from a diverse group of senior leaders.

What have we uncovered? In essence, the traditional playbook has evolved. The qualities that led to CEO success in the past require change. The environment in which CEOs operate is undergoing a fundamental shift, rendering some (not all) traditional leadership approaches obsolete. This, in turn, impacts what Future CEOs need to accomplish, how they go about it, and the characteristics essential for success in this new era.

This year, we look forward to sharing the executive summary with our network which will provide more detail on the survey results and what considerations Boards will need to discuss when succession planning for their future leaders.

If you would like to receive a copy of our report or attend any future events, please reach out to [email protected]

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