Ours is a business built on personal and professional ambition. Some see articulating accomplishment as unseemly – and they don’t want to talk about where they want to be. We think it’s essential. We’d rather think big.

We are already a well-respected, leading search and selection business, but we have many ambitions for the future. We aim to move into new disciplines, markets and geographies. We’re aiming to build a business that achieves success on a global scale.

Whatever your position with us, you can have a key role in contributing to – and sharing in – our future successes.

For recognised and experienced recruiters, we offer the opportunity to invigorate your career and build a personal brand. To us, you’re an Industry Cornerstone – and we’ll make it feel that way, putting you at the heart of a growing business where you can see the impact you make.
For those with less experience, but plenty of potential, we offer clear paths for career progression. As a Next Generation Leader, you’ll have the opportunity to work closely with two of Scotland’s most successful recruitment leaders. We believe the only factor in achieving your ambitions should be your ability – and with bold aims for the future, ours is the perfect setting for realising your potential.

No matter what your level of experience or the role you take, you’ll find that we prize teamwork, professional pride and commercial determination. While you’ll find a supportive, collegiate atmosphere in our business, you’ll also find a commercial focus and a zeal for excellence. As such, we’ll do all we can for your continuous development while we’ll recognise the contribution you make with a rewards policy that allows you to genuinely share in the successes you create.


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