Livingston James Retained by CuanTec to Appoint Sales Manager

Livingston James is delighted be to retained by CuanTec, a ground-breaking biotech company ready to help make incremental changes that positively impact the world we live in. Headquartered in Scotland, CuanTec is seeking an experienced Sales Manager who will be responsible for generating sales opportunities and identifying opportunities for co-development of future products.

CuanTec’s scientists have developed propriety technology to biologically separate Chitin, proteins, minerals and lipids from shellfish waste, mushrooms and the exoskeletons of insects. The Chitin is further refined into more valuable Chitosan. The unique biological-based extraction process maximally preserves the original polymer attributes, unlike more aggressive extraction processes.

CuanTec is targeting a rapidly growing market for Chitosan due to its multiple uses across multiple valuable categories. At the same time, it continues to develop added value products derived from Chitosan, with its small highly skilled research and development team and in collaboration with external partners. Amongst its achievements has been the creation of biodegradable and environmentally friendly films to replace plastic in packaging applications.

The company wants to reduce food waste and plastic pollution through its innovative approach, creating a viable, circular business with the well-being of our planet at its core.

The business is currently pre-revenue and is about to embark on an exciting new chapter as it prepares for production to begin at its first factory in Glenrothes in early 2024. CuanTec’s ambition is to expand rapidly through further investment to exploit the market for waste-based sustainable, biopolymer-based products.

The Sales Manager will be responsible for:

  • Generating leads and closing sales of chitosan-based formulations for anti-microbial and compostable packaging products in the form of stand-alone films or coated natural packaging materials (i.e. coatings)
  • Direct interaction with all customers to ensure the ongoing sales of products
  • Generating leads and working to promote sales of chitin-/chitosan-based products in various segments including biomedical, battery, and drug delivery applications as the business expands its markets
  • Collaborating with customers to determine their product needs, and with colleagues to manage the development and delivery of products with good value propositions
  • Generating and managing sales charts and reporting progress against these

This is a fantastic opportunity to join a company on the cusp of exponential growth and be instrumental in its development.

Please review the below position profile or contact [email protected] for more information.

LJ PP Cuantec Sales Manager

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