Reflections on 2023 from Douglas Adam, Director of Public & Not-for-Profit

Mid-way through Quarter 1 of 2024, Douglas Adam, Director of Public & Not-for-Profit at Livingston James, reflects on the diverse range of organisations he has successfully partnered with in 2023 and why a purpose and values-led approach motivates him to achieve success.

At Livingston James, our purpose is “to support people and organisations to realise their potential so that together we can impact lives and communities for the better”.  I made the deliberate choice to focus purely on supporting organisations across the public and not-for-profit sectors due to the positive impact they have on civic society, and our purpose and values-based approach is still what motivates me every day. It perhaps also explains why even on those challenging days I remain focused on my positive engagements with clients and candidates alike as I appreciate the impact of getting the right person, in the right role at the right time, can be both transformational and far-reaching.

Over the last twelve months we have successfully supported organisations that: directly support individuals to realise their own potential and live fulfilling lives; provide a voice or platform to challenge public perception; provide a diverse range of public services and provide public assurance across Scotland. Each and every one of the successful appointments highlighted below has truly enabled the organisations we work for to impact lives and communities for the better. Below is an example of key organisations that I have worked with in 2023 –


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