Why Follow a Structured Recruitment Process…?

Livingston James’ Douglas Adam looks at the importance of following a structured recruitment process to get the right outcome for your organisation.

Carrying out a successful recruitment process can be challenging for first time hiring managers and seasoned professionals alike, however recruiting the right people is essential to enable your organisation to achieve success.

Establishing a structured recruitment process for your organisation will provide the opportunity for greater consistency, resulting in steadily better outcomes.   It can also help to eliminate the possibility of unlawful discrimination, inequality, or bias.

Recruitment failures are commonplace across all sectors and, with the average cost of recruiting the wrong person being between £8,200 and £12,000 (according to the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development), it can be a costly process to get wrong. Poor selection and appointment of an individual not suited to carry out the duties of a post can result in short and long term performance issues.

A well thought out and planned process can ensure you recruit the right person for the role you need now, not necessarily the role that has been vacated.  By taking the time to look at business needs, and matching these to a defined skillset, you can significantly increase your chance of a successful outcome.

A structured approach to recruitment also allows you to deliver a positive candidate experience for all involved in the process, consistent with your values and reputation.  Establishing a process will ensure you and the organisation present yourselves in a welcoming and professional manner whilst ensuring that, regardless of outcome, all candidates have a positive experience.

Livingston James has developed a recruitment toolkit in partnership with ACOSVO, to assist ACOSVO members in their recruitment process planning.  View the recruitment toolkit on the ACOSVO website.

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