Why we’re Taking a Purpose Led Response

For business, being clear on why we do what we do and why anyone else should care is never more important than in times of crisis and unprecedented change. Friends, clients, colleagues – these times, undoubtedly, are those.

At the Livingston James Group, we are here to advise and support people and organisations to realise their potential, so that together we can impact lives and communities for the better.

This is our purpose. This is why we get out of bed in the morning, this is why we work so hard, this is why we choose to come together as a team and this is why we feel proud of our achievements at the end of the day.

So, when we wake up, many of us in self quarantine, and all of us following the government guidelines on ‘lockdown’, worried for loved ones at home and elsewhere – is our purpose still relevant? Can we still let it guide us every day?

My answer is an emphatic yes!

Our purpose is not based on marketing strategy or HR tactics – this is not something we have come up with in reaction to the challenges we face today. It is based on real-life examples, our examples, our experience. It encapsulates the emotions we felt and feel when we carry out our roles every day.. It is our ‘why’.

Do we need to act from it with the health and safety of our colleagues, clients, candidates and community partners as our first priority? Of course we do.

Does this drive us into the virtual world of communication faster and deeper than ever before? Yes it does. And we are learning quickly.

Does this require massive empathy to the huge challenge and indeed threat to life that everyone on the planet is currently facing? Without question.

Will we need to innovate, pivot and find new and better ways of doing things? Undoubtedly.

But these things do not, and cannot, stop us using our skills, knowledge and networks to help people find ways to realise our collective potential and in doing so impacting lives and communities, currently under unprecedented challenge, for the better.

We can and will make a huge difference, a difference that inspires us and those we serve if we shape our days with our purpose at the core.

At the Livingston James Group, the crisis has already borne forth new initiatives, and resulted in the re-purposing of old ones. We are embracing video technology and remote working, creating virtual learning groups for candidates, and virtual discussion groups for clients to discuss their virus response, and there has even been talk of a virtual charity event. We’re learning, getting creative in our response and making sure to share best practice.

Personally, I have been inspired by the resilience and innovation shown by colleagues, clients, and candidates alike as we navigate these uncharted waters. No doubt, we will have to lean in harder to these new attributes over the coming weeks and months. While doing so, we will keep our purpose front and centre, using it to shape how we serve our clients, candidates, colleagues and communities.

I’m proud of my team, and inspired by many others. Let’s keep going.

Jamie Livingston is Group Chairman and CEO of the Livingston James Group.  

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